México cuenta con un Archivo Histórico del Agua ¡Conócelo!
2 agosto, 2017
Conoce a los finalistas del Premio Juvenil del Agua de Estocolmo (SJWP) – WWWeek
29 agosto, 2017

Familia del Agua de la UNESCO presente en Semana Mundial del Agua de Estocolmo #WWWeek


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World Water Week 2017 in Stockholm

The 2017 edition of the World Water Week takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, from 27 August to 1 September and addresses the theme “Water and waste: reduce and reuse”. WWAP is convening a session on the WWDR 2017 and will participate to the following events during the week:


 Understanding the gender dimension of water and waste

August 27, 2017 11:00-12:30

Room: NL 357

The session will address the connection between gender equality issues, women’s concerns on polluted water and (used) water treatment, and governance measures that can be taken to address these issues. In this framework, WWAP will present the Sex-disaggregated water data methodology, which provides users with a pioneering methodological framework and with sex-disaggregated key indicators to assess the status of freshwater resources on national, regional and global scale. Read more

Wastewater, The Untapped Resource”: UN World Water Development Report 2017

August 27, 2017 17:00- 17:45

Room: NL 253

This session aims to explain the main findings of the World Water Development Report and to inform on the benefits arising from improved wastewater management in the context of a circular economy as well as the needed progress to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; Flyer 01download the agenda.  Read more

UN-Water Stakeholder Dialogue

August 29, 2017  9:00-10:30

Room: NL Auditorium

This session invites participants to provide feedback on the structure and contents of the SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation, which is currently being developed and is plannedto be published in June 2018 to help policy-makers keep track of global progress. The Synthesis Report is developed by UN-Water and the production is coordinated by WWAP. Read more

Scaling-Up Pollution Control and Wastewater Management from Source to Sea

August 30, 11:00-12:30

Room: FH 307

This session, organized by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), will focus on the unique combination of water and coastal management tools, which creates the enabling environment to realize change and help countries achieve associated SDGs. The WWAP Coordinator will be part of the ‘moderated opening panel’, where key opportunities and challenges will be discussed. Read more

Nature for Water: World Water Day 2018

August 31, 2017 14:00-15:30

Room: FH Cabaret

In this session, participants will get an opportunity to learn more about the theme of World Water Day 2018, the objectives of the campaign and to identify ways for their organizations to be actively involved.

WWAP will give a teaser presentation on the WWDR 2018, which is entitled “Water-based Solutions For Water”. Read more

Building a resilient future through water

August 31, 2017 9:00-10:30

Room: NL Auditorium

SIWI and its partner, The Rockefeller Foundation, will frame the dialogue with a specific focus on resilience as a means to interlink and holistically consider global development progress related to water and sustainability across economic, social and environmental dimensions. The WWAP Coordinator will contribute to the ‘panel discussion on water policy as a smart tool for efficient implementation of the global agendas’. Read more

Source:  World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)