15 September, 2017

How National Committees of the International Hydrological Program (CONAPHIS) in Latin America and the Caribbean work?

Context The International Hydrological Programme (IHP), currently on its eighth […]
30 August, 2017

Geographical and Statistical publications of Mexican Water Sector

Sorry, at the moment there is no translation for this […]
14 February, 2017

Groundwater for early warning monitoring strategy

Vrba, Jaroslav; Adams, Brian Themes: Underground water; water pollution; pollution […]
14 February, 2017
KM_364e PISO4 ALA SUR-20170213142329

Groundwater for emergency situations

Jaroslav Vrba. Balthazar Th. Verhagen. IHP-VII Series on Groundwater No. […]
14 February, 2017
Indicadores hídricos subterraneos_cover

Groundwater Resources Sustainability Indicators project implemented

In the proposed list of groundwater indicators each of them […]
19 January, 2017

Activity Report of National Committee of Mexico of the International Hydrological Programme (CONAMEXPHI) 2013-2016

The National Water Commission (Conagua) through National Committee of Mexico […]
19 January, 2017
METODOLOGIA FINAL portada imagen

Metodología para el fortalecimiento de capacidades en género y agua en Latinoamérica

Publicación “Metodología para el fortalecimiento de capacidades en género y […]